Weathering the Storm of Change: 4 Quick Tips for Managers to Effectively Handle Change at Work

This past week was spent in Naples, Florida for our halftime of the calendar year vacation with my wife Kris and two daughters Vanessa and Ashley. Upon arrival we learned during check-in at the  Naples Golf and Beach Club this week marked our 15th annual trip to the resort. This is a highly anticipated trip each year! There is nothing like the sea shell riddled white sand, the Gulf of Mexico that stretches beyond what we can see, dolphin watching, and the soothing sound of ocean waves.

The Month of June also brings weather uncertainty in this region. This week was no exception. The weekly forecast predicted a regularly cloudy and stormy week ahead. Percentages of precipitation were consistently 80% each day. However, we all are quite aware of weather’s unpredictable nature regardless of region.

I was reminded that weather much like our daily lives can be very unpredictable as well. It’s all about mindset and your perspective. Change is all around us. Change is highly likely to accelerate moving forward. Much like the weather.


So….how did we weather the predicted storms of change this week. The same way I weather the storm of change daily, weekly, and monthly.

1. Be intentional – this is an eagerly anticipated vacation. Original plans stay in tact. Move forward regardless of lingering external circumstances.
2. Expect the unexpected….Adjust. – Prepare as if everything will go as planned. Be flexible with changes that occur. Leverage what emerges.
3. Anticipate – Have short term alternatives in mind with the attitude to get back on course when appropriate.
4. Make the best of the situation – optimism is the main driver in everything we do. It’s the key to overall happiness.


Turns out this approach worked magnificently each and every day this week. We found more sunshine, avoided rain until mid week storms surfaced for a few hours. Clouds were cherished as a break from the tropical sun. Cloud filtered Sunsets were viewed through a different lens. Wow the colors of the sky that emerge! Beauty didn’t fail to surround us.

Upon return home and back to the daily routine, I apply the same concepts that apply to each day. Be Intentional, Prepare to Adjust. Anticipate. Make the best out of each and every day.

Oh, and give our weather professionals some slack. Remember, does your day unfold exactly as expected? Nope, save yourself some frustration and just live! The alternative is to be paralyzed by what doesn’t happen.

Give them a test and let me know how they work for you.

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