Providing a Sense of Direction for Forward Looking Leaders and Businesses

“Thank you Ken! I always walk away with a new understanding, technique or approach. It is so refreshing to be challenged in a way I am not sure I can explain. It helps me grow as a person. I don’t feel enough people get that experience. That’s what I always appreciate about you. You are an incredible Coach!”
Carrie Enders, HR Manager

 “All of my interactions with Ken have been positive and enlightening. One particular issue that comes to mind is when Ken helped me through a difficult situation with an employee using DISC. It guided me on how to approach a tough conversation and the outcome could not have been better. Ultimately, Ken helped me realize that my struggles with this employee were things out of my control and I have subsequently hired a much more qualified individual (and used the DISC analysis to confirm he was a great fit both for the position and the culture of our organization!). Now I am able to focus on more important strategic tasks and rely on my team to handle the day-to-day issues.”
— Maggie Kamla, Chief Financial Officer

“We discussed all of the development programs that you have been helping us with. I can tell you that the feedback is extremely positive! I have heard only great things about your 1:1’s with my direct reports and I am very excited about the DISC work that you’re doing with our management team. I truly think that it gives all of us a better perspective about our strengths as a team and also how to work through difficult conversations and situations.”
— Greg Jones

“I have to take a moment to thank you for everything you’re coaching has brought to our team and myself personally. You’re a fountain of knowledge and it’s been truly exciting working with you. There’s never a shortage of Aha moments and take-aways which always keeps things interesting! Too often managers take things for granted and then find disappointment in the results. Your coaching has taught us how to break through the assumptions, uncovers what’s really going on and how to take action. Presenting and coaching in a way which make our groups and individuals feel comfortable has been key to our satisfaction.”
“Based upon the feedback I received from everyone who was in attendance the statewide conference was a huge success! Especially, considering the fact that many of us went into the weekend thinking that we would be talking about dissolving the district. However, after going through the strategic planning session on Friday and your session with us on Saturday, the members came away believing we can make an impact in reviving our clubs! That is a positive!
“As always, you were able to listen, engage, create discussion and capsulize the information into a workable plan. With no “dog in the fight”, thank you for your time and investment in the Exchange Club! You went above and beyond my expectations!!”
— Randy Martin, District President

“For the past year, Ken has been a resource and mentor to me in a one-on-one setting and for departmental team & leadership building. Ken shares his experience in the construction industry while challenging our team to find solutions that best fit our leadership style and culture. Our team looks forward to our meetings with Ken and we have grown into a stronger, better functioning team with his support. He has been extremely influential in my leadership journey both professionally and personally, he has helped me be a become a better version of myself.”
Diana Etmanczyk, Operations Manager

“We have enjoyed working with Ken for nearly a year now. His guidance has allowed us to identify how to best use the resources we already had, both in terms of processes and personnel. Ken has coached us to better collaboration and communication, increasing our efficiency, quality of work, and overall employee satisfaction. His expertise in the construction industry quickly made him a trusted tutor. His skill and strength in communication promptly gives him credibility with all those he works with. He has followed through with continuing guidance as we implement new ideas and he has skillfully known when to step in and out of each process. Ken is a key member of our team, and we look forward to continuing to work with him as we grow our business.”
— Dawn Salzman, Chief Financial Officer

I just wanted to add that this opportunity is truly rewarding because of the fact that you, Ken, follow through, take action, gather input and ideas from others and take all of that into consideration when you are working through a project or process. I leave our meetings with being valued, productive and a sense of accomplishment through contributions.”
— Cindy Bernhard

“Working with Ken has been an absolute pleasure. Ken brings years of experience and knowledge of both the construction industry and people skills. Working with Ken has improved many facets of our operation helping us to identify areas of improvement, set goals, and working with us thru the implementation. With Ken’s coaching, training, and mentoring he has helped us to improve our operational efficiency to increase our capacity and profitability, as well as improve the communication and morale within the company. The short time we have spent with Ken has had a monumental impact on our company culture. He has become an invaluable member of our team and we look forward to continuing work with Ken to continually grow our company, our employees, and ourselves.”
Chris Neuman, Owner

“I know I have only been here for a few short months but you brought a something very different to the table, something that made everyone want to be better. I hope at some point I will grow to be that person for at least one other individual on my team. “
— Project Coordinator

“Just wanted to say how much I have appreciated and benefited from your coaching and mentoring. While I was learning how to become a Manager I thought I was just needing someone to look to who had “been there, done that”. But you have helped me become the Leader of the department I manage, working to position others to succeed, constructively challenging them, while helping them find their specific work/life balance – I know my approach is working because my team has told me so, what better feedback than that?! “
— Design Manager

“Over the past five years, Ken has been a great mentor to me personally and professionally. Through his coaching, I have improved my business skills and been able to create a people first environment. Ken is extremely passionate about helping others be successful and achieve their goals. “
— District Manager

“Ken has demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to his staff, his ethics, to achieving not only his personal and professional goals, but also helping others achieve their goals. For several of the years I worked with Ken, he was my supervisor. During that time he was a coach and mentor who guided me through professional transitions that have helped me grow and improve myself. During this time he guided my team through significant growth milestones and has directly influenced many of our staff to make professional improvements to advance in their careers. “
— Vice President

I am so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with you. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing, as well as how to improve and become better.
— Office Manager

As my career advanced I increasingly felt behind my peers in how I verbally presented thoughts and information to others. Having seen Ken in action I asked him to help me improve ­ and it has been time well spent! Ken has given me realistic, real­world mentoring that has made a difference; I look forward to our relationship continuing well into the future as I seek to improve other areas of my professional life.
— Construction Manager

Ken has been instrumental in developing my career and personal growth. He is a solid leader and his mentorship skills are exceptional. He leads by example and sets a high standard. Ken is also passionate about coaching and developing others.
— Operations Manager

As a one on one mentor or as a leader in a group setting Ken’s positive, can do attitude coupled with his boots on the ground experience in the construction trades make him an excellent choice for developing leaders in your company. Ken has worked with me as a mentor & coach for the past year and has reinforced in me awareness of my leadership talents, Ken has the heart of a teacher and coach.
— Senior Superintendent