Column 4: Execution

Maximizing the Return on Your Time
Finding yourself in a culture of “being busy”, instead of “being productive”? The statement “I’m too busy” translates to others as “not important”.  We will focus on the importance of self-planning and organization to achieve more in less time. You will learn the value of reflective thinking, creating boundaries, and more in a self-reflection environment.

Turning Producers into Reproducers
Do you have employees who have been promoted based on results and their ability to deceived the goods? Not everyone is destined to be a teacher, trainer, and coach. However, your organization’s  ability to develop people for a sustainable business lies in the hands of those who can develop next level talent. It’s never too early to start building a legacy as retirement comes at the speed of two blinks of an eye!

Exceptional Customer Service – Average is Not the Baseline
Do you want to move from a transactional business model to relationship driven model that fosters repeat business? Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude. Customer service is also internal in nature and not exclusive to external clients. Cultural strengths and be weaknesses as well. We will discuss how conflict should be viewed as opportunity.

Maximizing Field Productivity
Want to increase project profitability? Focus on the largest estimated project cost, Field Labor. We take a 360 look at field productivity and the organization’s ability to set its field resources up to succeed. We define productivity. Discuss inherent “land mines” to productivity. How can Field leadership best control productivity in an unpredictable job site environment? We also revisit fundamental leadership skills and that enhance operational discipline which leads to a productive environment.

Operational Excellence Consultation

If you want to achieve operational excellence and execute your strategy, our operational excellence consulting is for you