Column 3: Alignment

Aligning Ethics Integrity & Human Relations
Do you have a Mission or Purpose Statement, as well as Core Values that employees embrace and can recite when asked by coworkers or clients? Great companies live daily with Mission, Purpose, and Core Values that regularly integrate with all facets of the business. How often do you walk the talk. Learn the value of repetition as a reminder of who we are, and what we stand for in Family, Community, and Business.

The Transition From Management to Leadership
Do your recently promoted employees in supervisory roles who continue to manage tasks vs getting things done through people? We will explore in great detail the unexpected difficulties in the transition from the role of management to leadership.

360 Communication – Your Role as Director of Information
Do you struggle with communication across inherent silos which can develop within an organization? Learn to connect with people rather than communicate with them. This “connection” approach will build bridges to perceived departmental silos. We will also discuss the impact of cultural messaging throughout the organization, as well as share a process to utilize when participating in what is perceived as a difficult conversation. The best performing organizations have a culture of transparency where any topic can be addressed instead of internalized.

Communicating Expectations
Are you inconsistent in achieving desired outcomes or results? The first step of accountability is simply expressing expectations. It’s all about the “art of painting pictures”. We will cover the Art of Influence, Negotiation, and Confrontation.

Teamwork – Moving From Me to We
Struggling with collaboration among team members who desire individual outcomes? Do you experience dysfunctional teams? It’s all about trust. Repairing teamwork can be extremely difficult or impossible once the level of trust has been breached. Your teams will learn about early detection for dysfunctional teams. Learn to maintain high functioning teams by addressing warnings signs to protect established trust rather than attempt to repair it.

One-on-One Coaching

We can help you implement align your strategy and activities with our coaching services


For the past year, Ken has been a resource and mentor to me in a one-on-one setting and for departmental team & leadership building. Ken shares his experience in the construction industry while challenging our team to find solutions that best fit our leadership style and culture. Our team looks forward to our meetings with Ken and we have grown into a stronger, better functioning team with his support. He has been extremely influential in my leadership journey both professionally and personally, he has helped me be a become a better version of myself.

Diana Etmanczyk
Operations Manager

We have enjoyed working with Ken for nearly a year now. His guidance has allowed us to identify how to best use the resources we already had, both in terms of processes and personnel. Ken has coached us to better collaboration and communication, increasing our efficiency, quality of work, and overall employee satisfaction. His expertise in the construction industry quickly made him a trusted tutor. His skill and strength in communication promptly gives him credibility with all those he works with. He has followed through with continuing guidance as we implement new ideas and he has skillfully known when to step in and out of each process. Ken is a key member of our team, and we look forward to continuing to work with him as we grow our business.

Dawn Salzman
Chief Financial Officer

I just wanted to add that this opportunity is truly rewarding because of the fact that you, Ken, follow through, take action, gather input and ideas from others and take all of that into consideration when you are working through a project or process. I leave our meetings with being valued, productive and a sense of accomplishment through contributions”

Cindy Bernhard