Column 2: Strategy

Big Picture Thinking from Tactical to Strategic –
Are you finding yourself emerged in the day to day activities, to do’s, and curve balls so inherent to business? The rate of change around us has and will continue to accelerate. What are you doing to prepare your business and your people for tomorrow? We review the importance of balancing time for growing ourselves and building the business. We will explore the difference between tactical and strategic thinking / planning.  

Organizational Leadership – The Power of Linking People, Strategy, Alignment, and Execution
Do you believe the behavior of the leadership is the behavior of the organization? Once we have an understanding our own personality style and how we contribute to the company, we will take a look at the personality style of the combined leadership team. After examining overall strengths of the leadership team, we will identify how to leverage those individual strengths in the areas of crafting a vision, building alignment, and championing execution.

Leadership Significance – Developing the Talent Around You
Do you have a culture of development and knowledge transfer for a sustainable business? We will learn to a deeper level your role in being a talent developer. We will explore how your senior leadership team members can take ownership of creating individual coaching trees that contribute to the overall organizational forest of talent.

Executive Strategic Partner Program

We can help you get a clear, actionable strategy and help you implement it


I have to take a moment to thank you for everything you’re coaching has brought to our team and myself personally. You’re a fountain of knowledge and it’s been truly exciting working with you. There’s never a shortage of Aha moments and take-aways which always keeps things interesting! Too often managers take things for granted and then find disappointment in the results. Your coaching has taught us how to break through the assumptions, uncovers what’s really going on and how to take action. Presenting and coaching in a way which make our groups and individuals feel comfortable has been key to our satisfaction.

Brandon Engen
Vice President

Based upon the feedback I received from everyone who was in attendance the statewide conference was a huge success! Especially, considering the fact that many of us went into the weekend thinking that we would be talking about dissolving the district. However, after going through the strategic planning session on Friday and your session with us on Saturday, the members came away believing we can make an impact in reviving our clubs! That is a positive!

As always, you were able to listen, engage, create discussion and capsulize the information into a workable plan. With no “dog in the fight”, thank you for your time and investment in the Exchange Club! You went above and beyond my expectations!!

Randy Martin
District President