Community Involvement & Giving Back

I’m big on giving back. Giving back to organizations and our communities is at the core what I believe makes American the amazing place it is. Here are a few of the organizations I support.


Since a young child, I have been enamored our “services professions”.  Although I have never served our country in the military services, I possess a deep admiration and appreciated for those who protect our freedoms. I do my best to take time to say “thank you”, I don’t feel it is ever enough. Involvement in fundraising for our military services is a passion as well as a small way to say “thank you”.



I have spent over 35 years within the Fire Protection Industry protecting property and saving lives via the design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems. Unfortunately, far too many deaths or burn victims result from fires annually. This is my way of giving back to the industry. 




Impacting in a positive way future generations through literacy programs is important to me. The rate of change in the world is only escalating. I credit my professional successes to being a continual student. Reading to learn and improve is a big part of being a successful student of life. If someone cannot read, they have limited opportunities and illiteracy is, unfortunately a problem still today. Future generations should have the opportunity to be continual learners as well in order to keep pace with ever changing times.