Foundational Leadership Model, Column 1: Put People First

Column 1 – People First from my Foundational Leadership model of doing business.

You grow your business by growing the people to raise the organizational leadership lid.

It’s not generational, it’s basic Human Behavior. Leadership is Influence. Increase your organizational leadership lid by increasing your employee base’s ability to improve Influence by becoming a student of people.

Interpersonal Skills: Know Yourself to Lead Others
Exceptional leaders need to know how they view the world before they can effectively work with others. Participants will take a DISC personality profile to provide a base understanding of various personality styles, starting with their own. Also, includes one on one coaching session.

Leading Yourself: The Answer is in the Mirror
In need of increasing personal and organizational leadership capabilities? Leadership is the ability to influence. Learn about ourselves through greater self-awareness and human behavior concepts that will increase your ability to influence others within your family, community, and company. It’s less about generational differences and more about understanding basic human behavior traits that are timeless.

Value the Uniqueness of Others
Do you value personality styles different than your own? It has been said, 1 is too small of a number to achieve greatness. We create greater self-awareness and appreciation for those around you who can be viewed as a complementary partner or member of a team. Participants will view a Team DISC Report for better awareness of the team personality style. We will provide a greater understanding of how to adapt your style to various Working, Behavioral, and Communication styles found within your organization to improve collaboration and chemistry.

Growing Your Business by Improving Knowledge Transfer within Your Organization
Are your employees placed in a position to succeed and contribute to the overall bottom line profitability? Training and Mentoring are some common methods found within the organization. We will also review how coaching can be a more effective approach to accelerated learning and improved critical thinking.

Project Supervision Principles
Core competencies required of a Project Superintendent. We cover roles / responsibilities of a construction supervisor. Participants will understand the transitional skills required when moving for Managing to Leading people.

Achieving a Lifestyle of Satisfaction
Has “I’m busy” become a badge of honor for most of us? We will answer the question: Are you Productive? Let’s start with managing ourselves, as “time” is impossible to manage. This session: 168 Hours – Maximizing the Return on your Time will provide a fresh perspective on the quest for a Lifestyle of Satisfaction vs Work Life Balance.

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