What is Results4You?

Results4You was founded by Ken Collins, your trusted construction leadership coach. Our mission is to help make your construction business more profitable. With over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Ken can help you through our high-performance services.

We offer the following for construction professionals and businesses:

  • one-on-one executive coaching
  • one-on-one high potential/emerging leader coaching
  • team leadership workshops & training
  • human behavior consulting
  • assessment insight & training
  • strategic business guidance
  • business building and operational improvement
Ken Collins, Your Trusted Construction Leadership Coach

“In order to produce more profit, you must place your people FIRST.” – Ken Collins

The Foundational Leadership Model

Ken’s Foundational Leadership Model is the core of our leadership training services. This powerful, 4 column model has helped Ken build multiple organizations from the ground up.

Column 1:
People First

Do you want to develop your most appreciable business asset?

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Column 2:

Do you have the right strategy in place for a sustainable business?

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Column 3:

Do you have a great strategy in place but aren’t getting the profits you expect?

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Column 4:

Are your projects achieving or improving estimated gross profit?

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A Note from Ken...

Diverse Experience. Creativity. Trust.

These are the core attributes I bring to each personal and professional relationship. I look forward to adding value to you or your business.


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